How to install WordPress [ Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial 2018 ]


How to install WordPress: WordPress is the most known among people as blogging platform. It is popular for the content management system. Many companies offer to install WordPress within few clicks. In few minutes you can easily install WordPress. Even, simple installation tutorial helps to complete this process and enjoy your blogging. In this WordPress article helps you to install it.

How to install WordPress on cPanel 2018

If you are willing to learn and use WordPress software, follow simple procedure. Download the zip folder of the latest version of the WordPress software from After downloading is finished locate the downloaded zip file in download folder. Double click on the zip file to expand it. Next, upload the files to your web server using FTP client.
The basic idea to switch FTP client is to have new downloaded WordPress files. So switch your FTP client. After this, enter FTP credentials and connect to the web server. On the left hand side there are files on your own computer and on the opposite side there are files that are available on the web server. You need to select the files from left side and drag them to the right side. This process will start uploading of files to the web server.

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How to install WordPress, How to install WordPress on Localhost cPanel,

How to install WordPress in Xampp Wamp

As soon as the uploading is finished, you can switch to your web hosting control panel. You can go for cPanel for account management. There are various sites that offer similar functionalities like your own web hosting control panel. But, since can choose SiteGround as web hosting provider and use cPanel.

How to install WordPress on Mac YouTube

WordPress requires a database to store the coding and other stuff. For this, you must have a “Database”. Most popular databases are MySQL Databases. So, your database can enable you to create this database. To create a database, enter a name for the database and then click “Create Database”. Next step is to create a MySQL user. You need to take permissions to access and modify the database. User can be grated these permissions during its creation. It’s always beneficial to use save and secure password and also remember these credentials for future use. Linking of newly created user with database is essential and this user can modify the database so permissions must be granted.

How to install WordPress Digitalocean Vultr Linode

Almost everything completed, cheers you are at the end to complete the process. Now, again move to FTP client. WordPress will search for the database details in a file with unique name “wp-config”. You need to simply rename this file as “wp-config.php”. Double click the file to open it. Now, enter the details of your database created in last step.

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How to install WordPress Digitalocean Vultr Linode

Now, you need generate authentication keys for security reasons. There are many tools to do this. You can copy from the browser and paste them in WP configuration file.

Yeah, it’s time to save the file and close it. You are ready to run WordPress installation script. After running this script, you will see that WordPress is installed on your web server. You can now have unique experience to create your new web site. Have fun and Keeping Blogging.

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