How To Install WhatsApp on PC [ Whatsapp Web Guide 2018 ]


How To Install WhatsApp on PC: Social Networking sites are primarily exploring their ways in the world today. These sites include Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp. Like Facebook and Twitter applications can be accessible using the browser. People wonder if they could easily check out WhatsApp through their computers while working. WhatsApp being essential part of life nowadays has reduced the usage of regular SMS among people. An instant messaging app had over 800 million users. It doesn’t charge any extra data charges to send instant message over the internet.

How To Install WhatsApp on PC

Simple user interface has attracted many users and quite popular among people. It is available on many mobile platforms including Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Blackberry. It has been necessity to be on WhatsApp. Many people convey important message instantly to their team. So Sometimes they feel it difficult to use phone and like to check WhatsApp messages on their PC.

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How to install WhatsApp on PC Windows 7 10

Nowadays, it is not a difficult task. You can simply download WhatsApp and install on PC. There are different ways to install WhatsApp on PC easily.

How to install WhatsApp on PC Windows 7

Technique 1: Use WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp has shared a new feature in form of official Messenger for PC. Its name is WhatsApp Web. This feature doesn’t need to be installed on the PC. Just follow simple steps to use WhatsApp Web.

  1. Open any browser like Google Chrome.
  2. Type WhatsApp Web (
  3. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  4. Tap Menu given on right corner as three dots or settings.
  5. Select WhatsApp Web option.
  6. Keep your pin camera point to the screen to capture the code.

How to install WhatsApp on Macbook

You will able to read all the messages and even check your chat history as you are using on your phone.

Technique 2: Download and install WhatsApp Setup File

  • Open any browser like Mozilla Firefox.
  • Type in address bar.
  • A webpage will open from where you can download setup file of WhatsApp,
  • Clock on the green button available on the page. It will prompt a message on screen to download setup file. There are two options available.
  • If you wish to download for Mac OS, then press the button that says “Download for Mac OSX”.
  • If you are looking for setup file for Windows then you can choose option “Download for Windows 8 and higher”.
  • After this you need to select a download location.
  • Clock ok to begin downloading your file depending on your browser.
  • Wait for downloading to finish as it will take few minutes.
  • Once it’s downloaded, proceed to next step to install.
  • For installing, locate the file where is saved after downloading. Double click on this executable file.
  • As the setup will be installed the application will open. The WhatsApp code scanner page will display on the screen.
  • Now open WhatsApp on your phone and in settings select WhatsApp web option.
  • Now scan the code displayed on your PC by pointing phone’s camera at this code.
  • After code scanning, your chat history will transfer to PC application.

How to install WhatsApp on Macbook

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How to install WhatsApp on PC Windows 10

Both the methods are simple and easy to use. With these you can access your instant messages and reply to all even working on your desktop. Enjoy chatting and have fun.

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