How to Install Ubuntu? [ Install Ubuntu from USB & CD in Virtualbox ]


How to install Ubuntu?: Ubuntu is the most popular operating system. It is in demand due to its unique and attractive features. It is a free and open source operating system, which is available in various versions. Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04and 18.04 are most downloaded by the users and explored by them. It has three editions like for desktops, for servers and cloud for cloud computing.

How to install Ubuntu from USB

The exciting thing is that the company releases new versions in every six months and for long term support releases happen every two years. As it is produced by Canonical, provides guaranteed updates related to security and support system are available. It refers for Open Stack operating system.

How to install Ubuntu from USB CD

Features of Ubuntu

  • Complete Bunch of apps: It offers thousands of applications and mostly free of cost. This includes the apps like: Spotify, Skype, VLC player, Firefox, Slack, Atom, chromium, PyCharm, Telegram etc.
  • A complete package of Office suite: You can enjoy working on easy and Microsoft compatible office suite, LibreOffice. It is open source software. This helps you to share your files and documents easily and quickly with other users effectively. It allows you to use Google docs straight from your PC.
  • Electronic Mailing System: You can send your emails in a fast and quick manner. It comes with Thunderbird, which is popular email application by Mozilla.
  • Organize, edit and illustrate your photos: With Ubuntu, you can easily organize, transfer and view your pictures. It uses tools like Gimp for designing and creating professional illustrations.

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Downloads required to install Ubuntu

You can install Ubuntu, open source system on pre-installed Windows 10. It will not harm your system or Windows in any manner. Only, you require downloading VirtualBox from Oracle on you system. It will allow you to use virtual systems on top of your current system i.e. Windows 10.

How to install Ubuntu Alongside Windows 10, 7


  1. Download Oracle Virtual box: You can download this software from its original source website Oracle VIrtualBox. You need to select that you require 32-bit or 64 bit system.
  2. Download Ubuntu: There are two types of systems available. The first is long term system and its version is 14.04. The other is 15.04 which get updated in every six months.
  3. Download Virtualbox Guest Additions: These special additions help you to run virtual machine in full screen.

How to install Ubuntu Alongside Windows 10, 7

How to install Ubuntu

  1. Install VirtualBox Software: As the files are already downloaded in your system, now double click on the files. Click on Next button to continue and fill the requirements as per your choice. Click on install in the last dialog box.
  2. Create Ubuntu Virtual System: Once, Virtual box is installed open the software. You will now have to create virtual machine. For this, click on new button on the taskbar.
  3. Choose Virtual Machine of your choice: Select Linux as the main type and Ubuntu as the version. You can select 14.04, 15.04 and 15.10 for your system.
  4. Set the required memory: You can set your memory requirements. Select the computer memory that you wish to assign for your virtual machine. The minimum requirement of computer memory for Ubuntu is 2 gigabytes (GB).
  5. Create a Virtual Drive: For creating virtual hard disk, choose the option Create. You can go for any one way. Either chooses dynamically allocated or fixed size. The dynamically allocated process uses required space only and expands according to the installation of apps. After setting the space click create.
  6. Install a virtual machine: As this the final step, Boot into Ubuntu. Select Ubuntu ISO file from the files downloaded earlier. Click on the Host Drive. Select Ubuntu disc image and then click on Open. In the dialog box, select Install Ubuntu option.
  7. Create User: Now, create a user who can access this virtual machine. You need to set a username and its secured password.

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How to install Ubuntu in Virtualbox Chromebook

Now, you are ready with your Ubuntu.

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