How To Install Cyanogenmod? [ Install Cyanogenmod with or without PC ]


How To Install Cyanogenmod?: Have you ever wondered to look beyond what your pre-installed Android OS? Like most of the users, you might not think to upgrade your device with can offer you added services to make your life simple and easy. CyanogenMod is the answer for those who strive for more.

How To Install Cyanogenmod

Once installed, CyanogenMod would enable you to have better control over your device and its operating system than plain Android does. It is created for the power users who look for extra features that are not available in Android OS. Are you one of those power users or just wish to explore what more CyanogenMod could offer? Don’t worry! If you have a will you have a way”. Installing CyanogenMod is not that difficult for normal users. Just go though the easy-to-follow steps that are outlined here.

How To Install Cyanogenmod with PC on Android

What is CyanogenMod?

CyanogenMod is a adapted version of the Android OS that enables a user to have many extra features with a few taps. The notable features are like altering the skin of your phone, adding gesture support, tweak the screen calibration settings and access a lot of other advanced settings as well.

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How To Install Cyanogenmod 13 – 14 on Any Android

  • It is easy to switch from android to CyanogenMod by simply installing CyanogenMod in your smart phone. To make life simpler you can now download official apps fro your device even without rooting.
  • Go to Settings and Security on your phone or tablet enable CyanogenMod to installation of apps from different sources.
  • Now, visit in your phone/tab’s browser & follow all instructions
  • Then, tap the APK download notification to get started
  • Your life is easy now as app directs you with the help of few steps to make your phone/tab ready CyanogenMod.
  • You can do similar actions for your desktop using downloadable app that directs you thoroughly to install CyanogenMod.

How To Install Cyanogenmod 13 - 14 without PC

Supporting Devices

  • CyanogenMod is not supported by all phones ad tablets. You should have a supported device (like Nexus devices, older Samsung and HTC Hardware).

How To Install Cyanogenmod with or without PC

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It is damn easy to install CyanogenMod in your phone, tab or desktop. Just download the app as mentioned above, follow easy steps to install it. Just go for it! CyanogenMod enabled phone/tabs will unlease your mind and working space through its extra range of features that are uavailable in android phones. The catch here is the make of your phone. Not all phones/tabs are compatible or say, open to accept CyanogenMod to be installed. If you are using a Nexus device or an old Samsung phone you can easily install CyanogenMod. Otherwise you may resort to Android Studio. Now wait not! Just install ad experience the ‘extra features”!

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