How To Install Android Studio 2018 [ Step By Step Complete Guide! ]


How To Install Android Studio: People nowadays are using technology at extended level. They are using multiple applications on their smartphones and taking leverage of technology. Today, kids are so trained that they are developing their games by using various platforms. People are using smartphones basically with Android operating systems. People love to perform coding and develop different applications.

For Android Development, there are many platforms. The most popular and secure is Android Studio. It is the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android platforms. It was developed by Google. The purpose of this environment is to create maximum apps that can be used on daily basis by users.

How To Install Android Studio

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How to install Android Studio on Windows 7 8 10

Android Studio is to create apps and handle their functionality. It is simple interface where you can write, edit and save your projects. It provides Software Development Kit to run Java code smoothly on Android devices. Debugging of programs is easy on this platform and even crashes are explained to fix easily.

How to install Android Studio on Windows 10

Google’s hard work has given people a popular and attractive platform for coding. Suggestions are given lively to fix errors and for efficient working of the code. Auto- complete feature helps you to finish the code line started by you to save your valuable time. Surely, enlisting of so many advantages has increased the curiosity to download Android Studio and develop different applications.

Start with Android Studio

Android Studio comes under Apache License 2.0 for free. Google offers Android Studio for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. To install it and develop apps, you need SDK and JDK along with this. Firstly, you require Java Development Kit. So download JDK with appropriate choice of its version as per your operating system. Next, you need to install Android SDK and various other tools to get started.

How to install Android Studio on Windows 7 32 & 64 Bit

After downloading Android Studio, when it comes to installation double click on the setup. A dialogue will appear with a title Welcome to Android Studio Setup. Click on the next button that follows another dialog box. Here, you get another chance if you missed to install Android SDK. Check the boxes against Android SDK and Android Virtual Device (AVD). After clicking next, licence agreement will open up. Accept the license by clicking I agree button to continue installation.

How to install Android Studio in Ubuntu 16.04 Using Terminal

There will another option with the following dialogue box appearing next. This option offers chance to change the location of the installation. Choose the location as per your requirement and click next. Create a new shortcut for Android Studio. Next, simply click install button on displayed dialogue box. The upcoming dialogue will show the progress of installation process. The last dialogue box will be informative to display the information when the installation is finished.

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How to install Android Studio Youtube

As soon as the installation process will end up, you are ready to go for your first project. A splash screen will display to present Android Studio. All you need now is to go for simple steps to run the application and create drastic apps for users. Keeping coding enjoy coding.

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