How to Install Ubuntu? [ Install Ubuntu from USB & CD in Virtualbox ]

How to install Ubuntu from USB CD

Advertisements How to install Ubuntu?: Ubuntu is the most popular operating system. It is in demand due to its unique and attractive features. It is a free and open source operating system, which is available in various versions. Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04and 18.04 are most downloaded by the users and explored by them. It has three […]

How To Install Android Studio 2018 [ Step By Step Complete Guide! ]

How to install Android Studio on Windows 7 8 10

How To Install Android Studio: People nowadays are using technology at extended level. They are using multiple applications on their smartphones and taking leverage of technology. Today, kids are so trained that they are developing their games by using various platforms. People are using smartphones basically with Android operating systems. People love to perform coding […]

How To Install Eclipse [ Download Eclipse for Windows 7,8,8.1,10 & Mac ]

How To Install Eclipse on Windows 7

How To Install Eclipse: Eclipse is suitable with Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is pretty good with PHP IDE and C/C++ IDE. Eclipse allows us to expand virtual customization and extension. It contains extensible plug-ins for customized environment. This IDE is also written in JAVA language. It is even primarily used for developing Java […]

How to install WordPress [ Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial 2018 ]

How to install WordPress, How to install WordPress on Localhost cPanel,

How to install WordPress: WordPress is the most known among people as blogging platform. It is popular for the content management system. Many companies offer to install WordPress within few clicks. In few minutes you can easily install WordPress. Even, simple installation tutorial helps to complete this process and enjoy your blogging. In this WordPress […]

How To Install WhatsApp on PC [ Whatsapp Web Guide 2018 ]

How to install WhatsApp on PC Windows 7 10

How To Install WhatsApp on PC: Social Networking sites are primarily exploring their ways in the world today. These sites include Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp. Like Facebook and Twitter applications can be accessible using the browser. People wonder if they could easily check out WhatsApp through their computers while working. WhatsApp being essential part of […]

How To Install MySQL? [ Install MySQL in Ubuntu Linux Windows 10 ]

How To Install MySQL in Ubuntu Windows 10 7 64 Bit

How To Install MySQL?: MySQL is an open source framework for database management, usually introduced as a function of the commonly used LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP / Python / Perl). Use a social database and structured search language (SQL) to process the information. The short form of creation is simple: update the […]

How To Install Kali Linux? [ Install Kali Linux on USB, Mac, VMware ]

How To Install Kali Linux on USB, Mac, Windows 10

How To Install Kali Linux?: However many installations of Kali Linux might seem like a rocket science installing Kali Linux is a straightforward process if you have machines that are compatible with it. Out of all Linux distributions, Kali Linux a Debian based has proven to be the best in security distribution. It is known […]

How To Install Java? [ Install Java on Ubuntu Linux Mac Windows 10 ]

How To Install Java on Ubuntu Windows 10

How To Install Java?: Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) is a computer program needed for writing java programs. JDK is a combination of both Java Runtime and development tools needed for writing and running Java programs. Java can be gotten from Sun Microsystems which is a part Oracle. Java […]

How to Install Windows 10? [ From USB, DVD, CD, Pendrive 2018 ]

How to Install Windows 10 from USB Pendrive

How to Install Windows 10?: Windows 10 is one of the milestone works of Microsoft family. It is a great and unique work by them with wonderful features in windows 10. There is an amazing fact to know that, 14 million people have installed windows 10 and many are going to. So, as a common […]

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